All At Once

by Eyes Made Ready

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released August 11, 2012



all rights reserved


Eyes Made Ready Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

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Track Name: Undone
You're just another one
Of the millions under the sun
I know it has to burn

Yeah, you're way too lost
But come on, it's really not so bad
Far from our weakest flaws
'Cause your worst i the best that we can have

I'd say it's out of love
But you'll never get enough
We know you'll try and overfill the cup

Can the walls support your greatness now?
The girth alone could bring them to the ground
So can you hold the weight of your situation?
Track Name: Danger Shorts
We've been stuck here in this moment for a time
Caught me shaken by the danger of the sign
That you put before my eyes

How can you blame me when you put it on display
The sign directs me to that round and fleshy place
This could go no other way

I'm feeling lucky again

We've been dancing around the words that could make this moment more than alright
If you're intentions were out in the open, this would be a beautiful night

I'm no fool I saw the swagger in your stride
Your trap was sprung but, then again, so was I
But I'm still choking on my pride

The danger shorts will be the end of me
Track Name: Three Little Words
Oh no I'm not alone
I feel her over my shoulder
She stares with eyes of stone
A gaze that begs me to hold her

It started out just for fun
But now it's method acting
She thinks that two equals one
And I feel like subtracting
All for once

I said three little words
Three words I never should have told her
Alone I feel so cold
But her embrace is much colder

I know I made it worse
Leaving just enough behind
Now I have to hurt
There's no more standing on the line
I know I made it worse
To make it nice and you declined

You knew it was over all along
Track Name: Natural Eyes
You say you see the problem
But I don't think you have a clue
You wave the judging finger
At all the junkies just like you

I won't lie it just might be a waste of time

I could be mistaken but you'll never see the light
Cause when you wanted to see something you got high
Now you're scraping for some pieces of your life
But you're never gonna see with natural eyes

Come on and tell your story
The one where you have dodged abuse
This self-induced distortion
That makes you feel like you can choose

I still find in my mind this is a waste of time

I wonder how long you'll keep searching
For things that don't compare
i wonder how long you'll keep looking
'Cause I know there's nothing there
Track Name: Take Me Home
I see the dim lit signs
But they won't talk to me
I thought I understood
But their doubts are just as strong
The speaker in my hand
Is commanding now
There's problems he can't see
But then I might be wrong
All the colors and shapes
Are playing tricks on me
If I could see the world the way it was
I'd hear your helpful song

Can you take me home
When I'm on the floor?
It's where I might belong
But can you take me home?

There's a way outside
If I can close my eyes
I'll need a resting place
And this will go away
There are some strangers there
They could be dangerous
Or they might find me a place
To sleep until this fades

Now I'm awake for the first time
The signs speak so loud it hurts
The ringing speaker is a friend of mine
How did I not hear it's words?
Now the shapes all have straight lines
That give the colors a mould
I can't believe I was so blind
Just keep this question I hold

Can you take me home
When I'm all alone?
When my senses run
Can you take me home?
Track Name: Threw It All Away
You made your money
But you lost your time, what's the use?
Do you think it's funny?
Are you tire of the abuse?

Now you wanna move to get back
All that you could lose, but you won't

You threw it all away
You threw it all away
I hope you see the change
Your indecision has made

Does it make you a fool
You're giving up a better world
For a place so cool
Is it hard enough to know
That you've got nothing that you can show
For what you do not love

Time is on the move
Why are you here?

Oh, the selfish one
You made it out alive, but you've come undone
Does make you wonder why we're all still here?
We tried to pull you out, but you would not let us in
And I feel like we could leave you now
Come back in a year and see you pulling at the plow
Track Name: Blood Runs Blue
Can't hide the hand marks on her neck
The signals he can't keep in check
That cheap excuses conceal
Weak lies the glue that peels away
Now creeping doubts when thoughts are stray
But her suspicions are real

Connected when he let slip his mistake
And wondered how much more abuse she would take
Rejected his violent words she won't hear
Beneath ice a mask that buries the fear
Broken as she turns away

She smells the bourbon on his breath
The scent of slow decay and death
Her blood runs blue
It always starts on nights like these
When the chance has passed for begging "Please"
There's not much left she can do

Can hide the hand marks on her neck
Bound with scars she can't correct
It's time to choose the man or the life she will lose

Broken as she walks away
Track Name: All At Once
I watch this alien connection that I see
That seems to come for some so naturally
Why can't I touch the soul; bring it to where I'm comfortable?
For an act so human this connection seems for me so far away

All at once the picture's clear and loud
But my head is in the clouds
It still seems I'm acting blindly
But now I see it's time to bring the shroud
Something to remind
It just can't be that easy

I know I'm breaking rules asking questions here
But the time to wait is starting to disappear
Go on, I just said it. It's too late to bother to regret it
The only way to go is up and one, so tell me while you can

Give me something to hide
'Cause I have nowhere to run
I need something to hide
'Cause there is nowhere to run